No BS BS SS Application

I am talking to the small or medium sized business owner who knows things could be running better and the chick or dude sitting out there with the idea that won’t stop running laps in their dreams but hasn’t yet become reality. 

You are:

A SMB Owner with Angst. You, SMBOWA, have a business.  You have hung your shingle, you have taken on some business to either get your ankles wet or you have progressed full-fledged into growth.  Now, it isn’t running or growing as smoothly as you’d hoped it would, or thought it would.  You keep trying to adapt things or make them work and walls continue to pop up. Your systems feel lacking, your vision is as wavy as a desert mirage and you have one or more things keeping you up at night that aren’t all about excitement.
An aspiring entrepreneur. You want to try your idea.  You see it as a real possibility.  Except, every time you turn around, you find a reason you can’t.  You are great at laying out the plan on paper or in your head, but when it comes down to getting through theory to making it happen, you hesitate.  Here’s the important part: this isn’t normally you.  You normally push through, kick some butt and make stuff happen.  But here you are stuck.

You Need
Support or perspective on the best way to run, manage and grow their business. 

Focus on the fundamentals of systems, tools and techniques to make your business work for you instead of feeling like you are constantly working on your business.

Strategic planning to ensure that the systems, process and tools that you choose now will support you as you grow with your business.

Some outside perspective. 

You may even be ready for my No BS Business Strategy and Support Session.
Or the NO BS BS SS as I like to call it since I love acronyms; say it superfast, feels good on your tongue. 

In this three month support program you’ll receive a pre-assessment, 4 hour working session, follow up sessions and a final action plan to reset your business or launch your idea.  It will be full of next steps and actions for you to take to continue to move forward.

There are three focus areas in the No BS BS SS:

1.  Systems Analysis.  This is focused on identifying the systems you have in place or think you need and how best to optimize them followed by an analysis of your gaps and how best to fill them. 
2.  Strategic Planning and Development.  A decision support process that allows you to identify those opportunities that will provide growth in the short term and create sustainable business growth.
3.  What Keeps You Up at Night.  Space to focus on your biggest area of frustration or worry: leadership, people management, finance or whatever issue keeps you from sleep.  

Why Am I the resource to help you with this?

I know how to spot what is working and what isn’t for your business now, and as those decisions impact your future growth.  I’ve made a TON of mistakes in developing 5 separate business entities:
  • I’ve tried all kinds of systems that don’t work and know how to spot them.
  • I’ve spent 10 years focused on strategic development with experience supporting it even prior to that.
  • I’ve been bruised, I’ve broken business bones and recovered stronger and with more wisdom.
I am very direct, willing to apply the breadth and depth of my experience to your unique ideas and experience.  I will help you see your business from the fresh vantage that you need to see the direction you need to focus. 

Not for you if:
You need an admin
You are unwilling to invest time or money
You struggle to follow through with systems and ideas
You are closed to new ideas and ways of approaching challenges
You are looking to become a life coach and want advice only.  Instead, start here with my advice to aspiring coaches and some basic information on moving in to the life coaching field. 
This is for you if:
You need perspective and are open to receiving it
You are looking for a way to streamline systems
You have specific questions and aren’t finding solid answers
You are willing to invest time and money in your idea or business

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